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The Empire

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No New Posts Urû'baen

Capital of the Empire, Urû'baen is the largest human city in Alagaesia. Entering by a gate in each span of imposing walls, the streets mainly consist of high buildings, narrow alleys, broad avenues, and open plazas dominated by statues of the king. At the very center lies the palace, the lair of Galbatorix himself.

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by ~X~Cali~*
Oct 15, 2009 17:11:23 GMT -5
No New Posts Ramr River

Running from the Isenstar lake in the north, the Ramr runs for many leagues south before finally disappearing underground just south of the capital. The river is very fast and wide, and most often very deep. Even at its lowest, it is nearly impossible to cross except by the bridges and fords, but these are few and far between.

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No New Posts Gil'ead

Gil'ead lies north of the capital, built on the banks of the Isenstar lake. Serving almost entirely as a base for the king's army, the place is a mass of dirty log barracks and muddy streets. At the center stands the great stone fortress, used to hold the king's most important prisoners.

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No New Posts Teirm

Teirm is a comparitively small trading city by the sea, north of the Palancar valley. Accessible only by a pass through the Spine, the city is surrounded by a high white wall. The city is planned so that the rooftops nearest the wall are the lowest, getting higher as one goes inward. At the very center lies a large citadel, atop which lies a great lighthouse. Outside the the second of the two gates lie the docks, a bewildering collection of twisted wooden walkways that service all of the harbor's vessels, large and small.

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No New Posts Grassy Plains

These plans dominate the center of the Empire, running for many leagues in any direction. It is almost impossible to travel within the kingdom without coming across it in some way. Except for a few scattered villages and farms, the plains are almost totally flat and featureless, and a bad place to be caught in the event of a storm.

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No New Posts Dras-Leona

Dras-Leona lies on the banks of the huge Leona lake, due west of Uru-Baen. The city itself is unplanned and disorderly, a maze of twisted alleys between ramshackle buildings. Nearly half way in, an earthen wall seperates the rich from the poor. Worst of all is the cathedral, a great four-peaked temple dedicated to the worship of Helgrind.

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No New Posts Feinster

A large, wealthy city on the southern shores of the Empire, Feinster's trade was very healthy before the war. While not a planned city, it is very well defended against attack, sporting a high wall and a strong gate. While not oppressive, the streets are close, winding affairs, running between the stone buildings in no apparent order. At the eastern edge lies a tall, many-towered keep, the residence of Lady Lorana, the city's current master. Outside the outer wall, the city is surrounded by the hovels of the poor, and one should watch one's purse carefully when approaching the gates.

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No New Posts The Spine

Spanning nearly the entire western edge of the Empire, the Spine is one of the many mysterious places left in the world. Many superstitions and legends abound about this infamous mountain range, the most well known being how half the king's army never returned from the place. Very few climb these wooded and snowcapped peaks and come down again unscathed.

Sub-board: Palancar Valley

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No New Posts Aberon

Capital of Surda and base of operations for the Varden, Aberon is the heart of the resistance. A city with varied architecture, the streets are mostly wide and clean, and the people friendly. Atop a steep bluff in the center of the city lies Borromeo castle. This rambling fortress is protected by no less than three rings of stone walls, the castle is very difficult to enter secretly.

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1 1 Rules (Must read first)
by Angmor
Mar 4, 2009 20:11:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Cithri

Cithri was a fairly large trading town before the war. Now, due to its location at the norther border of Surda, the city has come under attack by the Empire several times, forcing most of its citizens to evacuate to Lithgow and Aberon. Protected by a high pallisade wall, the town is now little more than an outpost for the Varden border defenses.

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No New Posts Lithgow

A rather small town northeast of the capital, Lithgow does however play an important role. It is here where most of Surda's crops and other goods are produced. Roughly half the town is devoted to storehouses for the produce that pours in from the outlying farms and villages, and the other half is devoted to mining infrastructure, and using the ore in the manufacture of weapons. The streets are wide and bustling, alive with the sound of blacksmith's hammers and jovial conversations from the open doors of brightly lit inns.

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No New Posts Reavstone

A large port on the southern coast of the country, Reavstone was once the center of Surdan trade before the war. Now the place lies much quieter than before, with little more than an active fishing community. The docks are berth to whatever ships of war the Varden possess, but there is little call for these in a land campaign. With no need for a wall, the town is a sprawled out affair, with mostly squat, one-story buildings.

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The East

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No New Posts Beor Mountains

Spanning the southeast edge of Alagaesia, the Beor mountain range is the largest in the world. Composed of hundreds of peaks scores of miles wide, almost all of which are tall enough to block out the sky. Between these peaks run wide, wooded valleys, shrouded in mist and stalked by many strange creatures. This forbidding yet beautiful landscape hides the subterranean dwarven kingdom, safe from almost any attack.

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No New Posts Farthen Dûr

A great hollow peak beneath the mountains, Farthen Dûr is the greatest stronghold of the dwarves. Roughly five miles in diameter and many hundreds of feet tall, the hollow mountain is truly a world unto itself. The floor of the place is dotted with dark holes, remmnants of the great battle fought with Durza's urgal army. These lead down into the depths of the mountains, where few but the most adventuresome dwarves ever go.

Sub-board: Tronjheim

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No New Posts Tarnag

Set in a broad valley north of Farthen Dur, set on the banks of a large lake lies the great dwarven city of Tarnag. Surrounded by a large, forty-foot thick wall, the city is arranged in a series of terraces cut into the foot of a mountain. The first terrace is mostly farms and stabling for the dwarves Feldunost riders. The upper terraces are supporting to many tall, interlocking stone buildings built, much to the annoyance of visitors, to dwarven size. Presiding over the city lies the Celbedeil, the greatest temple of the dwarven religion. Housing the priests of the Durgrimst Quan, this giant dome of marble and gold holds many rooms dedicated to the worship of the dwarves pantheon of gods.

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No New Posts Hadarac Desert

A huge expanse of open sand, the Hadarac creates a daunting barrier between the east and west. Those foolish enough to enter the desert unprepared and somehow survive the blistering heat and long thirst of the day are killed by the freezing temperatures of the night. Almost completely devoid of plant life and home only to nomadic tribes and the occasional slaver band, the Hadarac is not a place for the unwary.

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Du Weldenvarden

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No New Posts Ellesméra

Capital of the elven kingdom, Ellesméra lies deep in the heart of the Guarding Forest. Sung from the living trees themselves, the city is mostly constructed above ground, hidden amid the leafy boughs. Few can guess at its exact boundaries, and even fewer know all of its secrets. However, despite its open nature, the city is guarded by Gilderien the Wise, and none may enter without his blessing.

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No New Posts Silthrim

Silthrim is a smaller elven city nearer the eastern edge of Du Weldenvarden. Set on the banks of the Ardwen lake, many elves here take up boating, and most are avid swimmers.

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No New Posts Crags of Tel'Naer

Lying to the north of Ellesméra, the crags are the ancient home of the dragons. The landscape surrounding the great cliff range is dotted with jutting pillars of stone and large caves where once the ancent dragons thrived and raised their young. Now home to Oromis and Glaedr, it is here where the new dragons of the Varden are trained, following in Eragon's footsteps.

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No New Posts Kirtan

Compared to Ellesméra or Osilon, Kirtan is a small outpost of the elven civilization. A sort of base for the rangers and sentinals that patrol the eaves of the forest, Kirtan is even better hidden than the other elven cities. Every building lies high above the ground, mostly using retractable rope ladders to access them. The elves here are always highly alert and ready for attack, and the casual traveler had best be wary, else he find a grey-fletched arrow in his heart.

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